Friday, February 19, 2016

Preparing for an IUI

We're officially starting the journey for our IUI. Started Clomid last night. Ultrasound next week & start ovulation tracking next week. Then hopefully the next week we will do the IUI. This is all still so very scary. Reading about the process on the internet did not help. haha. I am excited to see if this works. I am praying this works. 

Just not understanding how this can all be happening when neither of us are even 30. I know plenty of people our age go through this but it just stinks when it happens to you. I always hear "but you have 2 kids & you didn't have any problems having them". That's not completely true. It took us almost a year to finally get pregnant with our little priss. 

Praying that next week they say everything is on track & we can get this going. :) 

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