Monday, April 25, 2016

IUI take 2

Holy moly! That's how I am feeling today. Holy flipping moly! We decided to try an IUI again. Praying it works! 

This has been a really crazy day... Took about 25-30 minutes to find a parking spot at the hospital just so I could take 3 minutes to get to the lab. Thankfully the lady from the lab was walking out with what I needed as I got to the door. Huge relief! Then I rushed to the doctor's office to have the IUI. 

Got back to work. Everything was fine. Then BAM! Pain struck. Last time it wasn't that bad. This time... Wowza! Felt like labor pains. Couldn't sit at my desk. Could barely walk. Decided it was best to come home & curl up in a ball in my bed. Sometimes this is just the best place to be. 

Praying for this anxiety to leave me. Praying for this pain to leave me. Praying this procedure worked. Trusting the Lord! 

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